Monday, December 29, 2008

Moving Continues . . .

Beginnings are always a bit confusing, a little disorienting. You may at times need to sit down and have a cup of tea, or something stronger.

Let me explain. The banner above reads "Dahlila Found" and that is my Vintage shop on Etsy. (There is also Dahlila on Etsy, my other shop, but that's for another story.)

But your address reads Snowflower Street; where are we? I am so confused. I feel faint. Please bring me that tea and pour that something-stronger in it please. . .

Snowflower Street is my home. It is where the real me lives. Snowflower Street began over on Wordpress where it will remain--all the questions, the confusion, the exasperations of life, the sighs, the yelling, the ennui, but also the beauty, the details, the walks, the observations, the little nuances of life that don't necessarily pertain to Etsy. The name just had to come along because I couldn't bare to come up with a new name.

This new blog will be mostly about my life on Etsy, my shops--both of them--and all the beautiful things I can find to share with you.

It's terribly dusty here still and it will be for quite some time. As unpacking can take me, well, as long as it takes me, but I'll try and share the journey along the way. I hope you will come back as I move in, rearrange the furniture, paint and settle in.

Meanwhile, you most welcome to read Snowflower Street. A lot has taken place there, dahlila.

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